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Sigma Utilities helps you understand your renewal, identify your options, pick the best one and switch without hassle. It’s like your own personal energy procurement department.

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We can help you make an informed decision.

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We compare like for like prices for you, nothing is hidden!

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RELAX! We take care of everything for you.

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We follow the TPI code of practice and we have a passion for customer satisfaction


Sigma Utilities staff have over 10 years combined industry experience


We pride ourselves on dealing with customer queries promptly


We will search the whole energy market to get you the best possible deal


We are passionate about keeping long lasting relationships with our clients

How do we get you the cheapest price?

Why is your service FREE?


Collaborative Energy Basket

We combine all our customers usage together to create a basket and buy in bulk so all our customers can enjoy cheaper rates

Suppliers Pay Us

Just like a supplier would pay their sales team staff, if we bring them business they pay us introductory commission

Low Overheads

We don’t spend millions on advertising and we only hire when we need to manage costs

Our Services

always professional, always on time

Energy Procurement

Competitive electricity and gas procurement

Renewable Energy

We can help you go green; we have a wide selection of green tariffs from a variety of suppliers

Bill Validation & Account Reconciliation

We can help you validate your bills and make sure you get your due amount reconciled

Contractual Dispute

In an unfortunate event of a dispute, we can help resolve the issue with suppliers

Tariff Analyses & Budget Forecasts

We can support you with budgeting your energy output by helping you understand your energy tariff

Dedicated Account Manager

One point of contact, no call centre, no queues, we offer a dedicated account manager for a personal service


Listen to our clients

We have a HalfHourly meter and we use quite a bit of energy. Sigma Utilities took the responsibility of searching the energy market to get me an understandable comparison so that I could choose what tariff was best for my business and save money at the same time.


The job of a financial controller is already hard enough and then the energy market keeps fluctuating which means every supplier proposes incomparable prices. Sigma Utilities has made my job easier, we save a lot of time money and we never have to worry about missing our renewal.

JessicaFinancial Controller

I own a small business and energy procurement is the last thing on my mind but its a big part of my costs, and if I am not careful with which tariff I choose my costs could get out of control. Since Sigma Utilities has been managing my energy, I am always on the best rates and never miss a renewal.


I have a few premises, every property has a different kind of meter and every meter expires at a different time of the year. Sigma Utilities helped me manage all the sites efficiently and synchronised all the contract end dates together.

David WardPartner

The final decision is not in my hands; therefore, I don’t like brokers that are pushy. Sigma Utilities have made my life easy as they have a very friendly team of professionals and they give me the space I need. When I have the decision from directors, I call the direct number for my dedicated consultant and Sigma Utilities take care of the switch for me.

VickiAccounts Manager

We are a big food manufacturer;, Gas & Electricity is one of our major spends. We spend on average over £50,000 a quarter, per meter and getting the right price is critical to our business. The knowledge, experience and professionalism of consultants from Sigma Utilities is impressive. They have proved themselves and I can trust and recommend Sigma Utilities all day long.  


We are a nation wide real estate company. We have offices all over the country. Sigma Utilities always gives me a call the day I receive my renewal letter and they are always on the ball with there scheduling system. They always call me the time and day they promise and are always happy to reschedule if I am busy.  


What I like about Sigma Utilities is their ‘can do’ attitude. I own a small shop which doesn’t require a lot of energy: however, the energy I use is still an important expense and I would like to be included in Sigma Utilities bulk buy and get a great price. They are always very helpful and make sure they call me even if I forget my renewal date.